On 06/15/2024, the Inter-American Masonic Confederation – CMI, via video conference, welcomed three Mexican Grand Lodges. The meeting was led by the President of the CMI, Rafael Betancourt; with the coordination of the Executive Secretary, Rubens Franz; and his Deputy, Líctor Reyna.

The re-entry of the GRAN LOGIA OF AA.´. LL.´. Y AA.´. MM.´. DE BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, founded in 1978, it was attended by its Grand Master, Rey David Mendoza Rosales. And the entry of the GRAN LOGIA DEL ESTADO DE ZACATECAS “JESUS ​​GONZALEZ ORTEGA”, founded in 1989, and the GRAN LOGIA “BENEMÉRITO EJERCITO DE ORIENTE” DEL ESTADO DE PUEBLA, founded in 1996, was celebrated by their respective Grand Masters: Óscar Gabriel Campos and José Elías Galindo.

On the occasion, the Executive Secretary of the CMI, Rubens Franz, accompanied by the Deputy Executive Secretary, Líctor Reyna, gave an explanation about the structure and functioning of our Confederation.

May all the dear brothers of these Grand Lodges feel fraternally welcomed and embraced by the great CMI family!