165 years of the Grand Lodge of the Dominican Republic


Between the 20th and 22nd of October this year, 2023, in Punta Cana, a series of Masonic and public events were held, in celebration of the 165th anniversary of the Grand Lodge of the Dominican Republic, which included delegations from 27 countries from Europe, North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

On the 20th, in addition to a series of lectures, an Assembly of COMACA – Central American Masonic Confederation took place. On the 21st, the Annual Assemblies of CMI Zones II and III took place. And on the 22nd, the Solemn Assembly of the Grand Lodge of the Dominican Republic took place, followed by lunch.

On this occasion, our Executive Secretary of the CMI, Geraldo Macedo, was awarded the title of Honorary Member of that Grand Lodge, host of such wonderful events.

Our congratulations to the host Grand Master, Cesar Durán Pichardo, and to all the members of the organizing committee for their excellent work and hospitality!