The Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation – CMI, Brother Geraldo Macedo, was on September, 23 in Belo Horizonte, capital of the State of Minas Gerais, in the southeast region of Brazil, where the headquarters of two confederate grand bodies are located: the Grand Lodge of Minas Gerais and the Grand Orient of Minas Gerais.

At 9am, Brother Geraldo Macedo attended the General Assembly of the Grand Lodge of Minas Gerais – GLMMG, which is the second largest Grand Lodge in Brazil, in terms of number of members and lodges. The assembly was attended by the General Secretary of the CMSB, Brother Edilson de Oliveira, and more than 550 participating brothers, who had the opportunity to learn a little more about the CMI and its activities. On the occasion, GLMMG awarded Brother Geraldo the “Mário Behring” Medal.

So, at 11 am, our Executive Secretary was already at the Meeting of Worshipful Masters of the Grand Orient of Minas Gerais – GOMG, which brought together more than 200 Worshipful Masters and a total of more than 600 participants. On the occasion, he gave the lecture “Knowing the CMI”, in which he discussed the history of the confederation, its structure, functioning, programs and projects. During the meeting, Brother Geraldo was awarded the “Athos Vieira de Andrade” Medal by GOMG.

The CMI congratulates the Grand Master of GLMMG, Brother Sérgio Quirino, and the Grand Master of GOMG, Brother Vanderlei de Assis, for the great events that so honor Minas Gerais, Brazilian and Inter-American Freemasonry!