On March 16, 2023, another Extraordinary General Preparatory Assembly of the CMI began in Panama City. Work began in the afternoon, with the meeting of the Executive Council of the CMI, and in the evening the official opening ceremony took place.

The event brought together 59 Grand Masters of Grand Lodges and Grand Orients confederated with the CMI, who appreciated various themes, during the 17th and 18th of March. Among the topics covered, the UniCMI – Corporate University of CMI project stands out, with free courses in the Distance Learning modality.

During the event, a record number of mutual recognition treaties were celebrated. In all, 131 treaties were signed between the different grand bodies present.

We congratulate the members of the Grand Lodge of Panama, especially its Most Worshipful Grand Master, Brother Carlos M. Herrera, for all the work done for the success of this great event.