On March 03, 2023, the Executive Secretary of the CMI, Geraldo Macedo, was present in the city of Concepción, Paraguay, being received by the mayor and the president of the City Council, who presented him with a diploma of recognition of his visit illustrious to the city.

On the following day, March 4th, 2023, the Worshipful Masters of the local lodges took possession, on which occasion Brother Geraldo gave a lecture on the CMI and its activities. The ceremony was hosted by the “Perfecta Armonia” Lodge, which awarded our Executive Secretary with honorary membership.

The ceremony was attended by the Grand Master of the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay, José Fernández Zacur; the Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of the United Grand Lodge of England for Southern South America, Richard Cooper; the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Bolivia, Rodrigo Arce Oropeza; the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mato Grosso do Sul, Ademar de Souza Freitas; and the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mato Grosso, Pedro Henrique Ortega de Calazans.

Accompanying these Masonic authorities, more than three hundred brothers, mostly Brazilians and Paraguayans, gathered, demonstrating the union and fraternity between the two peoples, especially us, Freemasons.

Congratulations to the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay for all the work it has been developing in favor of Universal Freemasonry and good relations between the regular grand lodges.