CMI MARATHON: Paraguay and Argentina


The second week of this month of December was, as usual, a lot of work. On December 07, 2022, Wednesday, the Executive Secretary of the CMI, Geraldo Macedo, was in Asunción, capital of Paraguay, attending the Annual Communication of the Gran Logia Simbólica del Paraguay.

That Saturday, December 10, 2022, our Executive Secretary was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, having, in the afternoon, accompanied a delegation of freemasons in honor of the late Brother Raul Alfonsin, at the Cementerio de la Recoleta. During the night, Brother Geraldo Macedo received the title of Honorary Grand Master of the Gran Logia de la Argentina, given by its Grand Master, Pablo Lázaro.

And on December 11, 2022, Sunday, the morning was dedicated to a concert celebrating the 165th anniversary of the Gran Logia de la Argentina, at Colón Theater, which has one of the best acoustics in the world. And in the evening, the anniversary of the Grand Lodge was celebrated with a celebratory dinner with over a thousand people.

Congratulations to the Grand Lodges of Paraguay and Argentina, in the person of their Grand Masters, Zacur and Lázaro, for the excellent events, which greatly collaborate for Masonic integration throughout the region.