CMI MARATHON: Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro and Mato Grosso do Sul


Last week was, as usual, a lot of work! Our Executive Secretary of the CMI, Geraldo Macedo, was on Monday, November 21st, in the city of Pinhalzinho, State of Santa Catarina (Brazil), participating in the 25th anniversary festivities of the “Templários da Liberdade” Lodge.

On Tuesday, November 22, he was in the city of Chapecó, still in the state of Santa Catarina, in an event led by the “Silênio de Eleus” Lodge, which brought together all the lodges in the city, under the jurisdiction of the three regular Masonic Grand Bodies present in that Jurisdiction: Grand Orient of Brazil, Grand Lodge of Santa Catarina and Grand Orient of Santa Catarina.

On Wednesday, November 23, Brother Geraldo Macedo went to Rio de Janeiro, Cidade Maravilhosa, for the opening of the CMI Zone 6 Assembly, which includes the powers of South America, Portugal and Spain.

On Friday, November 25, the Executive Secretary was in the city of Campo Grande, capital of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil), when another “CMI Integration Seminar” was held.

Still in Campo Grande, on the morning of Saturday, November 26th, Brother Geraldo participated in the Investiture to the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of 85 brothers. During the Saturday afternoon, he attended the General Assembly of the Grand Lodge of Mato Grosso do Sul, having been honored with the title of Emeritus Member. And during the night, he attended the gala dinner celebrating the 60th anniversary of that Grand Lodge.

In six days, seven events in four cities of three states. This marathon became a true Masonic Triathlon, which only demonstrates the determination of this CMI management, from day one, to fulfill the commitments assumed and collaborate with the development of the confederates and greater integration between them.