The Permanent General Secretariat of the CMI continues at full steam in its commitment to work together with the Confederate Grand Lodges and Grand Orients, on the tripod of Communication, Collaboration and Participation, as recommended by its statute. And last week, there was more proof of that!

The Executive Secretary of the CMI, Geraldo Macedo, was present in the Dominican Republic, fulfilling an agenda of commitments. On Sunday, 11/06/22, he was at 10 am at the “Perseverancia” Lodge, in the city of Moca; at 1 pm, he was at the “Restauración” Lodge, in the city of Puerto Plata; and at 6 pm, he was at the “Nuevo Mundo” Lodge, in the city of Santiago. On the 07th and 08/11/22, he participated in events at the Gran Templo Nacional, in the city of Santo Domingo.

At each opportunity, the Executive Secretary presented to the brothers present our confederation, its rich history and important role in the integration of Freemasonry from the different countries that compose it.

And on the night of 11/09/22, Brother Geraldo Macedo was the guest speaker for the 4th Masonic Education Seminar, having given a lecture on the CMI, its programs, projects and events.

We thank all the brothers who have received us, listened and dialogued, for the benefit of Universal Freemasonry in general and their Orients in particular.