CMI participates in international masonic congress in Ecuador


The Gran Logia del Ecuador promoted in the city of Santiago de Guayaquil, between the 23rd and 26, July 2022, an international congress to celebrate the bicentennial of the Guayaquil Conference, when two of the Liberators of America, both Freemasons, Simón Bolívar and José of San Martín, shared a vision of a strong and united Latin America, of the people, by the people and for the people, based on freedom and on the principle that all men are equal before the law.

The CMI was duly represented by its Executive Secretary, Geraldo Macedo, accompanied by the General Director of the Secretariat, Rubens Franz, scheduled to give lectures at the congress, at the invitation of the host, the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Gran Logia del Ecuador, Héctor Vanegas y Cortazar. It should be noted that, at the opening of the event, on the afternoon of the 23 July, Brother Geraldo Macedo had the honor of receiving the title of Honorary Grand Master of the Gran Logia del Ecuador.

The event was also attended by other Masonic authorities, such as the Grand Master of the Gran Logia de Panamá, Líctor Enrique Reyna Escudero; the Grand Master of the Gran Logia Simbólica del Paraguay, José Fernández Zacur; the Grand Master of the Gran Logia de la Republica de Venezuela and President of Zone 4 of the CMI, José Gregorio Sardelli Bravo; Past Grand Master of the Gran Logia de Guatemala, Julio Aldana; the Grand Master of the Gran Logia Equinoccial del Ecuador, Carlos Vera Quintana; and the Grand Master of the Grande Oriente de Santa Catarina, Sérgio Wallner.

The congress featured a cycle of lectures, artistic exhibition, solemn sessions and historical tourism, enriching the participants’ knowledge of the rich history of Spanish America and providing them with a unique Masonic experience. Our congratulations to the Most Worshipful Brother Héctor Vanegas and to all the brothers involved in the organization of such an excellent event.