CMI present at the 51st CMSB and the 1st Conference of Brazilian Regular Freemasonry


Between the 13th and 17th of July, the 51st Ordinary General Assembly of the CMSB, a confederation that brings together the 27 regular Brazilian Grand Lodges, took place in the beautiful city of Florianópolis. The event, which had more than seven hundred participants, in addition to the entourages of the Confederate Grand Lodges, was also attended by Masonic authorities from Florida, France, Portugal, Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay.

And on 07/15, taking advantage of the structure of the 51st Ordinary General Assembly of the CMSB, the three regular Masonic branches of Brazil, the Grande Oriente do Brasil – GOB, the Grand Lodges of the CMSB and the Grand Orients of the COMAB, gathered at the 1st Brazilian Conference of Regular Freemasonry. GOB was present with its Deputy Grand Master and two District Grand Masters; the CMSB with 26 Grand Masters; and COMAB with 17 Grand Masters. Both the GOB and most of the Grand Lodges of the CMSB and the Grand Orients of the COMAB are part of the CMI.

The Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation – CMI, Geraldo Macedo, as well as the General Director of the Permanent Secretary General of the CMI, Rubens Franz, were invited to compose the main table of this pioneering event of union of Brazilian regular Freemasonry, which is the second largest Freemasonry in the world, second only to the US in membership. The main table was also composed by the President of the Assembly of the CMSB, Flávio Graff, and the Secretary General of the CMSB, Aldino Brasil; by the President of COMAB, Vanderlei Geraldo de Assis, and the Secretary General of COMAB, João Krainski Neto; by the Deputy Grand Master of the GOB, Ademir Cândido da Silva; and by the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree A&ASR for the Federative Republic of Brazil, Jorge Luiz de Andrade Lins.

There was also the presence of authorities and representatives of other CMI Grand Lodges, such as the Grand Master of the Grande Loja Legal de Portugal and President of Zone 6 of the CMI, Armindo Azevedo; the Grand Master of the Grande Oriente do Paraná and President of Zone 5, Cristian Flores; the Grand Master of the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay, José Fernández Zacur; the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Uruguay, Mario Pera; and a Provincial Grand Master of the GLNF, Eliphas Almeida.

The proposals presented and debated focused on the union of regular Freemasonry and the fight against irregular Freemasonry. Unification of the biannual word, joint measures to combat irregular Freemasonry, common book of restrictions, joint social programs, development of booklets and alternatives to demystify Freemasonry before society were some of the proposals that received the due referral.

The conference concluded with speeches aimed at unity and harmony, always respecting sovereignty. Subsequently, more than fifty treaties of mutual recognition between the grand lodges and grand orients present were signed, which proves that the speeches made were not empty words, given the efforts of the powers to promote this union.

CMI is honored to participate in this historic moment and collaborate for this national and international integration, which is the great flag of our confederation and has served as a guide for our programs and projects.