The CMI was present once again in Mexico, represented by its Executive Secretary, Brother Geraldo Macedo, accompanied by the General Director of the Permanent General Secretariat, Brother Rubens Franz, for the realization of two Seminars on Integration of the CMI.

The first stop was in Guadalajara, capital of the state of Jalisco, on July 2nd. Received by the Grand Master of the Gran Logia Occidental Mexicana, Brother Fernando Valenzuela, the Seminar hosted by this Grand Lodge was attended by six Mexican Grand Masters, accompanied by their entourage.

The following day, July 3rd, Geraldo Macedo and Rubens Franz were already in Chihuahua, for the Integration Seminar hosted by Gran Logia “Cosmos” del Estado de Chihuahua, presided over by Grand Master Marcos Delgado Ríos. The event was attended by 12 Mexican Grand Masters and nearly four hundred brothers. On the occasion, the Executive Secretary of the CMI, Brother Geraldo, received the title of honorary member of the Gran Logia “Cosmos” del Estado de Chihuahua.

The CMI thanks both Grand Lodges for organizing the events, as well as all those who responded to the invitation, for the opportunity provided to present the various programs and projects that have been developed within the scope of the CMI, as well as for the fruitful dialogue on the realities and desires of the Mexican Masonic people.