CMI present in the 200 years of the Grande Oriente do Brasil


The Grande Oriente do Brasil – GOB completed two hundred years of foundation on June 17th of this year. The program included a formal session at the National Congress, the launch of the book and the 200th anniversary postage stamp, a special masonic assembly and a commemorative dinner.

CMI was represented by its Executive Secretary, Geraldo Macedo, who, during the special assembly, delivered a commemorative plaque to the Grand Master of the GOB, Múcio Bonifácio. The event was also attended by the President of Zone 6 of the CMI and Grand Master of the Grande Loja Legal de Portugal/GLRP, Armindo Azevedo. Many of the Confederate Grand Lodges of the CMI sent delegations, among them, several Grand Lodges of the CMSB and Grand Orients of the COMAB; three Mexican Grand Lodges; in addition to the Grand Lodges of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. There was also the presence of Masonic delegations from England, Florida and Belgium, as well as several civil and military authorities, who attended the busy program.

Congratulations to the GOB for its 200 years, being one of the oldest grand bodies that make up our confederation, as well as to all the members involved in the organization of this beautiful event.