CMI MARATHON: El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Mexico


CMI doesn’t stop and once again showed it!

On the evening of May 25, the Executive Secretary of the CMI, Geraldo Macedo, was accompanied by the President of the Commission of Information for Recognition, Cassiano de Morais, at the Gran Logia Cuscatlán de El Salvador. Received by the Grand Master, Oswald Hernandez Huerta, both were invited to give lectures for the benefit of the Masons present. Brother Geraldo Macedo gave a didactic explanation about the CMI, its history, functioning and works developed. Brother Cassiano de Morais spoke about the functioning of Freemasonry in Brazil and in the World, presenting the various institutions, confederations and current Masonic conferences.

From El Salvador, the CMI delegation left for Honduras, where, on May 27, a Zone 3 meeting took place, which brings together the Grand Lodges of Central America. The brothers attended this meeting: Efrén Molina Ramos, PGM (Costa Rica), Oswald Hernandez Huerta, GM (El Salvador), Christian Campbell, GM (Honduras), and Saúl Morales, GM (Guatemala).

Then began the ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Gran Logia de Honduras, masterfully conducted by its Grand Master, Christian Campbell. In addition to the other Grand Masters and authorities of the CMI already mentioned, the event had the participation of the Deputy Grand Master of the Gran Logia Simbólica del Paraguay, Roque Olitte Valdéz. As part of the ceremony, there was a lecture by the Past Grand Master of Costa Rica, Efrén Molina, on the challenges of Freemasonry; and by the Executive Secretary of the CMI, Geraldo Macedo, entitled “Knowing the CMI”.

From Honduras, the Executive Secretary of the CMI and the President of the Commission of Information for Recognition left for Costa Rica where, on May 30, they were received at the headquarters of the Gran Logia de Costa Rica by the Grand Master, Gunnar Nuñez Svanholm, where visited the Masonic Museum and gave lectures to the Masons of the jurisdiction.

The passage through Nicaragua, unfortunately, had to be cancelled, on the recommendation of the Gran Logia de Nicaragua, considering the current scenario of socio-political instability that the country faces.

Then, from Costa Rica, brothers Geraldo and Cassiano left for Mexico, to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Gran Logia “Valle de México”, which began on June 1st. As part of the celebrations, the Seminar “Diplomado de Masonería Internacional” took place, in which the Executive Secretary of the CMI, Geraldo Macedo, gave the opening lecture. The commemorative ceremony was held in a gymnasium and had more than a thousand Freemasons present. Among them, the presence of Masonic authorities from various Grand Lodges of Mexico stood out, as well as representatives of the Grand Lodges of New York, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Peru.

In this way, in ten days, the CMI, through the Executive Secretariat, was present in four countries from two different zones of the confederation, promoting the integration of Inter-American Freemasonry and sharing knowledge with the brothers about the purpose of the CMI and everything it has been done and will still be done for the benefit of the Masonic development of the Confederates and their relations with each other.