CMI present at the 50th anniversary of the Gran Logia de los Andes


Last Friday, 05/13/22, the Executive Secretary of the CMI, Geraldo Macedo, was accompanied by the Director General of the Permanent Secretariat General of the CMI, Rubens Franz, participating in the events commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Gran Logia de los Andes, in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

The event began with a meeting of the Grand Masters present to discuss objectives and goals for the strategic planning of the CMI towards its 80th anniversary. In addition to the host Grand Master, David Sus Espinoza, the event was attended by the following Grand Masters: Nelson Fernando Gutiérrez Correa, from Gran Logia de Colombia based in Bogotá; Pantaleón Farelo Palacín, from Gran Logia “Benjamin Herrera” based in Santa Marta; Lictor Enrique Reyna Escudero, from the Gran Logia de Panamá; Enrique López Munárriz, from the Gran Logia Nacional de Colombia based in Barranquilla; Hember Ricardo Rojas Espinosa, from the Gran Logia Occidental de Colombia; Héctor Vanegas y Cortázar, from Gran Logia del Ecuador; and José Gergorio Sardelli Bravo, from the Gran Logia de la Venezuela and President of Zone 4 of the CMI.

On Saturday, 05/14/22, the Meeting of Apprentices, Fellowcrafts and Masters took place during the day, in the form of lectures, including one by the Executive Secretary, Bro. Geraldo, entitled “Knowing the CMI”. And at night, there was a ritualistic ceremony alluding to the 50th anniversary of the Gran Logia de los Andes.

It was a weekend full of work based on Communication, Collaboration and Participation, the three pillars that support our Confederation and the connection between our confederates. The CMI congratulates all those involved, especially the members of the Gran Logia de los Andes, excellent hosts, on the Golden Anniversary.