XXV Extraordinary General Assembly of the CMI


Between March 23 and 26, 2022, the XXV Extraordinary General Assembly of the CMI – Inter-American Masonic Confederation – took place in the city of Lima, capital of Peru, in which the 75th anniversary of the confederation and the 140th anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Peru was celebrated.

The event, which took place in the convention center of the Sheraton Lima Hotel, had its opening presided over by the then Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Peru, Carlos Grados Lau, and was directed by the Executive Secretary of the CMI, Geraldo Macedo, with the debated, among others, the reflexes of the Covid-19 pandemic on Freemasonry and the image of Freemasonry in society. In his opening speech, the Executive Secretary made an impactful speech centered on principles such as courage, resilience and unity, which have served as pillars for the work of the confederation and guided the actions of this magnificent historic assembly.

On the occasion, the Executive Secretary and the directorates that make up the Permanent General Secretariat presented their activity reports, as well as action plans for the future.

In parallel with the plenary session of Grand Masters, the Seminar on Foreign Relations took place, with the participation of the Grand Secretaries and Chancellors of the Confederate Grand Lodges present.

The event concluded with the signing of 59 recognition treaties between the Grand Lodges, followed by the elaboration and reading of the entitled “Letter from Lima”, by which the CMI stands against violence and in defense of diplomacy and peace between peoples.

Also part of the rich program was the installation of the new Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Peru, Eulogio Mario Carreras Vásquez who, as determined by the statute of the CMI, took office as President at the end of the assembly.

The final balance of four days of hard work and, mainly, fraternity is a glimpse of the promising future of Inter-American Freemasonry, thanks to the greater integration of its Grand Lodges, having the CMI as its strong link.