CMI MARATHON: Centenary of the Grand Lodge of Colombia based in Bogotá and 02 new confederates to the CMI


Represented by the Executive Secretary, Bro. Geraldo Macedo, and by the General Director of the Permanent General Secretariat, Rubens Ricardo Franz, the CMI was present on 02/18/22 in Bogotá, observing such an important and celebrated date of the Grand Lodge of Colombia based in Bogotá, in celebration of its centenary.

The event, which had as its high point a well-attended public ceremony followed by a Gala Dinner, was attended by delegations from other Grand Lodges of Colombia, led by their Grand Masters: from Cartagena de Indias, Reymundo Rafael Ferrer Bolívar; from Barranquilla, Enrique Lopez Munarriz; from Santa Martha, Pantaleón Francisco Farelo Palacin; and from Cali, Hember Ricardo Rojas Espinosa. Also, the illustrious presence of the Grand Masters of the Grand Lodges of Panama, Lictor Reyna; from El Salvador, Oswaldo Hernandez; from Ecuador, Héctor Vanegas y Cortázar; and from Bolivia, Rodrigo Arce Oropeza.

On the occasion, the Executive Secretary of the CMI, Geraldo Macedo, delivered a plaque commemorating the 100 years of the Grand Lodge of Colombia based in Bogotá to the Most Worshipful Grand Master, Nelson Fernando Gutiérrez Correa.

And on the morning of 02/21/22, the Executive Council of the CMI held a meeting at which the entry of two more grand bodies to the confederation was approved: the Grande Oriente Independente de Pernambuco and the Grande Oriente Amazonense, to which we welcome.