CMI Marathon: GLEDE and GLMPE


In Freemasonry, we usually say that the work is done from noon to midnight. For many, a symbolic exaggeration, since twelve hours of work would be too exhausting a day. But when it comes to the CMI, which encompasses nearly a hundred Grand Lodges in dozens of countries on two continents, twelve hours of work might not be enough. At least, that’s how it is with the marathons that the Executive Secretary, Geraldo Macedo, holds for the benefit of the confederates.

This last Saturday, January 15, 2022, at 9:00 am in Quito, Ecuador, corresponding to 11:00 am in Brasilia, Brother Geraldo was the speaker of the Equinoctial Freemason Diplomatic Course at GLEDE – Gran Logia Equinoccial del Ecuador, under the leadership of its Grand Master, Carlos Vera Quintana. In his presentation, he addressed the history of the CMI, its structure, functioning, objectives and projects under development.

And on the same Saturday night, it was the turn of the Executive Secretary of the CMI to honor the GLMPE – Grand Masonic Lodge of the State of Pernambuco (Brazil), in the Public Inauguration ceremony of its new Grand Master, Flávio Amorim, and his Deputy, João Gomes, in a popular event held at the Military Museum of Forte do Brum, built in the early 17th century.

Thus, with another marathon dedicated to Freemasonry in general and to the Confederate Grand Lodges of the CMI in particular, the Permanent Secretariat General of the CMI, under the leadership of the Executive Secretary, brother Geraldo Macedo, is building bridges, reducing distances and breaking down barriers, while to spread knowledge and promote fraternity among free and moral men.