CMI Magazine News


The CMI Magazine is one of the official means of communication of our confederation which, together with the official website and our social networks, fulfills the duty of reporting on the Masonic events of the CMI, its zones and confederated Grand Lodges and Grand Orients, as well as of Regular Universal Freemasonry.

Thanks to a professional work team, the magazine has a modern and bold layout, and is published in electronic form monthly, with wide dissemination through various means, and is probably the far-reaching Masonic periodical in the whole world today.

The last issue, in addition to excellent articles, including on CMI’s presence and participation in the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges, brings a novelty, which is the fully bilingual publication, in Portuguese and Spanish. Similar to the initiative of the new CMI website, which is trilingual (ENGL-SPAN-PORT), this shows the commitment of the Permanent General Secretariat of the CMI, mainly through the Board of Communications and Technology, to approach the confederates and reduce obstacles, including of languages.

If you are new to CMI Magazine, we invite you to access our CMI Virtual Library, where all editions are available, including the most recent. To directly access the magazine’s folder, CLICK HERE.