CMI Executive Board approves entry of new confederates


The Inter-American Masonic Confederation, through its Permanent General Secretariat, headed by the Executive Secretary, Brother Geraldo Macedo, and its Executive Council, does not stop working and the consequences can already be seen after less than nine months of administration.

On December 13 of this year, 2021, the Executive Council met virtually and, evaluating the excellent work developed by the members of the Information and Recognition Commission, under the presidency of Brother Cassiano Teixeira de Morais, who analyzed all the documents pertinent to the processes and presented their opinions, unanimously approved the readmission of two Grand Lodges, the Muy Respectable Gran Logia Regular y Confederada del Estado de Chiapas (Mexico) and the Gran Logia Occidental Mexicana (Jalisco, Mexico); as well as the admission of six new powers to the Confederation: the Gran Logia Michoacana “Lázaro Cárdenas” (Mexico), the Gran Logia de Córdoba (Colombia), the Gran Logia Suroeste del Estado de Colima (Mexico), the Gran Logia del Estado de Nayarit (Mexico), the Grand Orient of Paraíba (Brazil) and the Grand Orient of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil).

With this, the CMI now has 94 Confederate Grand Bodies, a growth of almost 10% compared to the beginning of the year, thus fulfilling the commitment of the current administration with the purpose of the confederation, according to its statute, of “contributing to the strengthening and consolidation of the universalist Masonic ideal” and its objective of “promoting the unity and reciprocal collaboration among all the Regular Grand Bodies”.